“I am Growing”

“Please, tell me about yourself.”

“I’m Sarita, a fourth-year business student at CSUF. I was studying Accounting, and I even had an internship with a top 4 accounting firm, but I quit it. Now I’m going to study Human Recourses and stay in school an extra year so I’ll have enough time to gain experience before I graduate. Employers are nicer to students, so I want to leverage that for as long as possible.”

My entire young adult life I firmly believed that sound bite was all I was worth.

This year I had no energy to keep up with it. That identity began to diminish. I thought I was dying.


Irvine Regional Park 4.20.2017

But, I was not dying, I was making room for myself.

It was in those moments.

With the flowers

And the music,

That my heart beat strong.


Exposition Park Rose Garden 6.29.2017

“Please, tell me about yourself.

“I am growing.”


Bed 7.05.2017